Overview of Continuum of Care

What is Continuum of Care?

Continuum of care is a concept involving a system that guides and tracks patients over time through a comprehensive array of health services spanning all levels and intensity of care. The Continuum of Care covers the delivery of healthcare over a period of time, and may refer to care provided from birth to end of life.


Social Services Technology Solutions provides technology and software tools to aid in the delivery of a Continuum of Care model. Our focus has been on helping those need in need by starting with emergency/transitional shelter so that they can start to stabilize their lives. The model follows up with providing resources as a patient tracks through the Continuum of Care model until he or she becomes an independent member of the community.


The Social Services Technology Solutions' tools support each step along the way. We can find shelter and resources to aid in stabilizing a person's life. We also provide tracking of patients through the system with reminders to both the patient and the advocate/social worker/human services worker to insure that the patient's appointments are kept and his/her needs are met.