Data Analytics

Advanced Data Analytics to Tease Conclusions from Data

"Big data" is of no use of one does not know what to do with the data or how to process the data. Furthermore, the data itself is useless if a set of outcomes from the data analytics effort is not anticipated nor expected.


To achieve the beenfits promised by "big ", organizations need to capture the data and reorganize the data and processes in an appropriate manner. The reorganization of data involves acquiring the data, cleaning the data, and aggregating the data into a convenient format. The processes involve selecting the proper modeling and analysis techniques as well as interpreting the data properly. All ofht ese steps play together in realizing the promise of "big data".


Social Services Technology Solutions has a number of tools involved at their disposal to smooth out the use of "big data" in a human services environment. These tools range from text analytics to regression analyses and to neural network pattern recognition to basic statitsical analsysis techniques. Our tools allow us to apply the appropriate methodology to the data to yield the desired outcome for the client and the service provision organization or government.