Real-Time Statistics for Trending and Reporting

Sometimes non-profit agencies or government agencies just need to know the basic statistics of who is using their facilities and their demographics and histories. Collection of data into a database allows this data to be easily generated. In addition, Social Services Technology Solutions has technology that can automatically populate this data into an agency's preferred pdf form without user interaction. These reports an be provided to board members, manager,s or public figures to demonstrate the efficiency of the agency as well as the trends that are popping up.


Social Services Technology SOlutions has some novel approaches for the population and temporal distribution of re-ocurring events or recidivism. We can apply various polulation distribution curves and temporal (i.e., time-based) curves to generate trends for expected re-offesnse or recidsivism rates. These predicted rates become most critical for cases of child abuse, domestic violence, and human trafficking where offenders tend to escalate their level of violence and control over their victims.


We have social workers, algorithm geeks, educators, and business people on our staff that allow us to draw from a wide range of databases to yield the best predictive capability of potential outcomes and probvide the maximum safety for our clients.