Recent SSTS Involvement

2018 CSULB Climathon Win!

SSTS participants recently won the simultaneous global 2018 Climathon Challenge. Hacking away at CSULB, our team worked on a personal carbon footprint app (like a FitBit but for carbon emissions). The team of judges awarded us the first place prize.

Recent Grant Bids

SSTS has recently submitted two grants for funding. One to the City of Long Beach for Human Services Technology provision and one to the New York City Adminstration for Childrens Services to improve the engagement of youth in foster care.

Child Abuse Hackathon Success

RESULTS - Child Abuse Hackathon & NASW-CA Tech Council
The Child Abuse Prevention Hackathon was a success. The National Association of Social Workers-CA Technology Council, (NASW-CA Tech Council) blended a tech and social work arena to build for social good and impact. The participants were social workers, including practitioners, students, faculty, and alumni as well as community partners and technologists whereas they explored the various social work domains and morphed their ideas into technological concepts. Additionally, NASW-CA Tech Council gained new partnerships locally and beyond!
Hackathon Statistics:

  • The Child Abuse Hackathon site was accessed 9,095 times.
  • There were a total 61 online articles/publications that mentioned this hackathon which provided the cumulative potential reach of 184,850,965 readers! Yes!
  • The publications were targeted for the United States. However, since the Internet is global, the hackathon was accessed by users across 18 countries.
  • The signups for the combined events were about 300 whereas we had 168 participants
  • Note: statistics provided by our tech sponsor, HackerEarth � curated by Google analytics.

Child Abuse Hackathon Sponsorship

Social Services Technology Solutions announces partial sponsorship of the upcoming Women Transform Tech at City National Bank and the Child Abuse Hackathon on 9-10 December 2017. Keynote speakers include Dr Diane Adams (Mid-Eastern Representative to the United Nations Council), Dr Michael Durfee (Los Angeles County Interagency Council on Child Abuse), and Telle Whitney (co-founder of Grace Hopper Celebration of Women in Computing).

Long Beach Civic Innovation Summit

Social Services Technology Solutions recently attended the Long Beach Civic Innovation Summit. There was a keynote speaker from Virign Galactic and a diverse panel of speakers. SSTS made contact with a number of organizations that we can work together with in the near future.

NASW Women-in-Tech Hackathon

SSTS attended the National Association of Social Workers' Women-in-Tech hackathon in Los Angeles. SSTS served as mentors to various groups trying to put together products during the two day hackathon.

Resource Provision Chatbot

Social Services Technology Solutions announces the draft release of a Facebook Messenger chatbot to find resources for those in need. Try out the new process by going to the SSTS Facebook page and sending a message to us that simply says "resources" (all lower case). The chatbot will be activated and will ask you a few questions so that you can find the resources for your need.

Discussions with 211

In conjunction with the Inter-Agency Council on Child Abuse and Neglect (ICAN), Humanistic Technologies Inc (HTI), and, SSTS is participating in a new application to screen and detect for child abuse. The application would be used by first responders to potential child abuse cases and would allow the easy collection and analysis of "markers" related to child abuse to help the child protective services workers or doctors recognize true child abuse cases.


Social Services Technology Solutions particpated in the hackfostercare hackathon at Full Screen Media in Playa Vista, California. During the event we developed a new resource provision tool that interfaces with via an API to provide resources to those in need. We expect to continue work on this web-based application.

Preventing Human Trafficking

Social Services Technology Solutions is continuing work on an advanced algorithm to help prevent human trafficking and potential online predators. The advanced algorithm relies on fuzzy rules-based methods to "grade" the seriousness of online discussion in terms of a threat. The algorithm can utilize current and older data to detect patterns in threatening behavior.

Homeless Initiative

Social Services Technology Solutions participated in a largely-attended community forum on the homeless issue at the Bay Shore Congregational Church in Long Beach. SSTS had fruitfull discussions with the Long Beach Police Department, the Long Beach Outreach Officers, the Long Beach Fire Department and other organizations that are trying to provide a better life for homeless individuals and families. The SSTS solutions were well received and there will be pilot programs and ongoing discussions beginning soon.