SSTS Opportunities


Social Services Technology Solutions is a startup non-profit 501(c)(3) corporation in the state of California. We are always looking for opportunities to contribute to the "greater good of society" as well as to employ and work with the best social workers and technology geeks.


We are currently pursuing partnerships with a number of agencies in the Los Angeles and Long Beach area. We've spoken with social workers, people fighting human trafficking, advocates for child welfare, and advocates for the victims of domestic violence. We are hoping to partner with some of these established organizations to provide web-based tools and data analytics to determine trends in data and provide raw statistics for reporting to funding agencies.


We are currently pursuing grants for the implementation of technology into the areans of fighting human tarfficking, fighting child abuse, and reducing the incidence of domestic violence. Our technologies supplement the services provided by professional human service providers and we hope to "piggy-back" our technology and data analytics capability with a larger data gathering organization.

Current Openings

Are you a marketing/sales person? We want to talk to you. We could use you to help sell/lease our products to those in the human services professions. Working for a non-porifit, you may or may not get rich. But you will share in our desire and reward of helping people.