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Social Services Technology Solutions was born when a group of social workers, educators, and technologists gathered and decided that there had to be a better way to solve some basic problems for the care-giving industries.

The team brainstormed regarding human services and social services processes that were paper-based and inefficient and decided to try and modernize these approaches.

Why couldn't human services workers and social services workers fill out forms on a laptop, tablet, or mobile phone in the field and provides resources and a better outcome for clients...without having to go back to the office to help their clients?

Thus apps were born. Geographically-easy resources and services were found and provided to clients. Paper-based records were replaced by encrypted databases. Data analysis allowed human service providers and social workers to "get ahead of the problems" and know how to help clients in need.

The Principals

Ray Manning, PhD


Ray received a PhD in aerospace engineering from UCLA and went to work to build environmental monitoring satellites. Along the way he became an algorithm geek and Technical Fellow where he could solve his company's toughest problems. When presented with the opportunity to apply his algorithm and technology skills to human and social services, Ray jumped at the chance and SSTS was born.

Ruby Guillen, MSW


Ruby received her Masters Degree in Social Work and went to work for the Los Angeles County Department of Children and Family Services. She saw the inefficiencies in the processes and vowed to make things better via rapidly evolving technology. Ruby has presented at various national and international conferences such as the National Association of Social Work and the United Nations.

Joseph Powers, MSW


Joseph received his Masters Degree in Social Work and has shown a continued contribution for the safety of children via his work at the Orange County Department of Education as well as being a certified first responder for child abuse cases. Joseph brings wth him his experience as Assistant Principal at the high school level to contribute to the welfare of at-risk children.

Lisa Powers, MSW


Lisa received her Masters Degree in Social Work and has been employed in the public sector for over twenty years. Historically, she had a role as a government liaison and advocate for the Spanish speaking low-income population residing in Orange County in which she instituted a multidisciplinary approach in providing resource to those in need.

Additional Team Members

Social Services Technology Solutions has a number of other individual contributors who have expertise in specialized areas.

These areas of expertise include social work, addiction treatment, geographical information systems, demographics, and machine learning.

We have a team of dedicated indiviudals and organizations that will rally to the cause of child welfare, human trafficking, domestic violence, and human welfare.

Business Documents

Business documents related to Social Service Technology Solutions' 501(c)(3) reporting requirements can be read here.


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