Algorithm Development


SSTS has a wide range of experts in various mathematical and algorithmic fields. We can aggregate data, calculate statistical measures of the data, match sophisticated models to the data, and provide learning models as the data changes.

Yet with all of our sophistication, we know that you want to understand what the data means and how it affects your agency. We can explain our results in easy-to-understand terms and let you decide how your agency can go forward improving or expanding your services.



SSTS can provide agencies with geographic and demographic information inside and outside of their service areas. This allows agencies to serve their current area better and to potentially expand their areas of services.

We are experts at mapping between geographic areas, such as zipcodes, census districts, or voting precincts, to an agency's current or expected service provision area. We can provide the demographics for any size region to see if it fits with your agency.

Data Analysis


You have plenty of data. But what does it mean?

Let us take your data and examine it and trend it and fit statistical and deep learning models to it. Let us make sense of your data.

But we don't just draw some conclusions from your data and move on. We make projections of what the future may hold for your agency based upon reasonable assumptions. This means a better-informed future for your agency.

App Development


We can develop applications (i.e., apps) for your agency to make your workers more efficient. No more paper-based forms to fill out. Let's fill it out online, protect the data, save the data, and make it readily available to agency representatives for reporting, studies, and printing.

Data serves no good purpose if it only resides on paper in a filing cabinet. Let us develop your apps to maximize worker efficiency, maximize your service provision, and potentially expand your target population and target areas of service provision.


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