Copyright Policy

At Social Services Technology Solutions we want to protect our ideas, our software, and the data that we generate. Thus we will enforce copyright laws as appropriate.

What Does This Copyright Policy Cover?

This copyright notice covers any software, processes, ideas as expressed and displayed, and data generated by Investivote. We will not try to protect any text, figures, or data that is readily available by other authors and/or open source data. But note that any original piece of text, art, or software generated or produced by Social Services Technology Solutions is protected by copyright laws.

Algorithms and Software

Social Services Technology Solutions retains the copy protection afforded to algorithms and software that are produced or written by Social Services Technology Solutions. New, novel, or special purpose algorithms or software or applications written by Social Services Technology Solutions are protected by copyright and those copyright rights will be vigorously enforced. Generic algorithms and software, such as the average value of data or the like, is well-known and open source and is not the property of Social Services Technology Solutions.


We accept anonymous comments. We prefer comments from people who identify themselves. Comments that appear to be, in our best judgement, automatically generated by web bots, web crawlers, or the like, will be removed regardless of content.

Text and Media

Any original text, pictures, photographs, digital photographos, video, or other media displayed on the Social Services Technology Solutions website or other Social Services Technology Solutions documents are copy protected. Our rights under copyright law will be vigorously enforced. Any text, photographs, digital photographs, video, or other media not created or produced by Social Services Technology Solutions will be attributed to its author on Social Services Technology Solutions and Social Services Technology Solutions shall not have claims to its ownership or rights.


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